Useful Tips to Keep your Pet Healthy

Cane Corso Dog Breed

In the wild, the dog feeds almost exclusively on whole animals, most of which are already dead. Its digestive system includes two essential characteristics:

It must feed primarily on animal products (the whole animal, not just the meat);

Its saliva does not contain amylase, essential for metabolizing grains and starch. So you should not give Cane Corso Dog Breed grains (corn, rice, oats, barley, wheat, etc.) that are useless for his diet.

Here are some quick basics on selecting a dog food:

The Mentions on the Bag

Mentioning the word “lamb” on the bag does not mean that this food is made from lamb, but only that it contains (no matter how small);

The word “holistic” does not necessarily mean that food really is, since this appointment is not legislated in Canada;

The term “70% animal protein” does not mean that the bag contains 70% protein (which is impossible) but that 70% of the proteins in the guaranteed analysis are of animal origin. So if the protein level is 29%, 70% of 29% = 20.3%. Less interesting now no?

The Myth of the First Ingredient

Are you one of those who think that your pet’s food is made from the first ingredient? Are you sure? The amount of the first ingredient must be greater than the 2nd ingredient (not the rest of the bag), and the 2nd must be more important than the 3rd ingredient and so on. If there are 40 ingredients in the bag, the 1st ingredient only needs to constitute 2.5% of the bag to be in first place. Think about it.

The List of Ingredients

Do you usually read the list of food ingredients that you give to your dog? Knowing it’s the only food he gets, maybe you should take a few moments to do it the next time you buy his only source of livelihood.

Tips and Explanations

The majority of dog owners chooses to feed their pets, especially for their convenience and economy – but is it really cheaper than making your dog’s own meals? A choice can be made between dry foods (croquettes) and wet foods, although it is also possible to combine them.

By taking stock of the advantages and disadvantages of these 3 types of food, everyone can find his account according to his budget and time to devote to the preparation of rations.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wet Food

Wet food comes in many forms (canned foods, bags, trays) that have practical aspects of dosing and preservation. It can be more or less chopped, enriched with jelly (mash) or form pellets that the dog may swallow if it is greedy. Thus, it does not promote chewing and is not an asset for oral hygiene.

However, this type of food is interesting because it offers the dog varied tastes, and its texture and smell are very palatable. The mash is therefore recommended for dogs with a difficult appetite and old dogs, because it is easier to swallow. So now for buying dog products the options are perfect for you. It is a food rich in water, which makes it possible to limit the urinary problems and to bring a better hydration than the croquettes.