Molossershave always been the centre of my passion for dogs: in particular, my imagination has always been attracted to the “light” version of the Roman Molosser

.In 1986 I found out that a group of amateurs was trying the difficult task of recovering this breed, I instantly started researching and studying about this wonderful Italian dog, falling in love so madly that around the middle of the ‘90s I started breeding it, after my experiences with Rottweilers and Riesenschnauzers.

Selection criteria

Owning females gives a breeder a number of responsibilities towards the whole breed.Knowing this, in our selection center we try to produce a limited number of dogs, sticking to the most restrictive selection criteria.

The dogs we breed and keep for further breeding are checked twice before the final, official x-ray for hip dysplasia. We also started checking for elbow dysplasia and, considering the results, we believe that this pathology does not represent a statistically significant problem for our breed.

So now we just do random checks for elbow dysplasia, checking one puppy per litter.

Monitoring also includes pathologies whose genetic origin has been scientifically proved, such as eye and heart problems. We really believe in imprinting and socialization to humans, in continuous contact and stimulation through play, so to obtain strong, balanced and self-assured personalities.

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