Know your Pet: A Comprehensive Guide to Feeding

Cane Corso Dog Breed

Do you need advice on the dog’s diet? Want to know more about croquettes? Need advice on choosing a brand? Rest assured: you are in the right place! At Mouss Le Chien, you have access to many tips on dog food and dog food.

Follow the adventures of Moustique, an adorable Labrador who gives you all his tips to feed a dog properly and offer him the kibble he deserves!

Dog biscuit: What are the Most Suitable Kibbles for your Dog?

You are interested in feeding your dog and it is a very good thing! Dog kibble is an excellent way to feed a dog because it is consistent and provides your dog with what he needs to be in perfect health. But beware! All Cane Corso Dog Breed kibbles are not equal, far from it! How to find the ideal kibble for a dog? Mouss Le Chien can help you find the answer!

This situation can be harmful if, by wanting to create a moment of complicity with his animal by the food, one begins to exaggerate with the amount of sweets/croquettes that one gives. Therefore, we strengthen the complicity but it is likely to harm the health of his companion because exceeding the recommended daily amounts can lead in the first place overweight and subsequently obesity which will lose control.

The Role of Food

The roles of the diet are diverse. In the first place, food is used to support the animal throughout the various stages of life, it supports its growth when it is puppy or kitten, it supports its metabolism throughout its life and slows down the growth and aging process once it is in its senior phase.

Then, the food, as we said above, reinforces the bond of trust between the owner and his animal.

Finally, the diet can also play a role in the education of the animal. In fact, when the animal learns, obeys a new request, rewarding it with a croquette, a treat, can stimulate its learning and the pleasure it has to learn. The food is part of the positive reinforcement, as well as the caresses and words that can be exchanged with the animal to stimulate learning.

In order to feed your pet properly, here are some helpful tips.

  • In addition to providing a complete diet, balanced and adapted to the needs of his animal (metabolic needs, depending on his activity, his size, his sexual status, etc.), it is essential to scrupulously respect the daily quantities. Daily amounts are indicated on the back of the bags. It is advisable to weigh the food and not to rely on the measuring cup to be certain of the quantities given. You can also weigh the food a first time and draw a line on the cup for the following times.

  • You can give your dog treats for a variety of reasons, but keep it reasonable and include the portion of treats in the recommended daily amounts so that it does not cause the dog to take abnormal weight due to excessive daily energy density.

  • It is important to remember that overweight and obesity have a negative impact on the health, quality and life expectancy of animals. Overweight increases cardiovascular risk, overloads joint work, can cause diabetes and other diseases that reduce the hope but also the quality of life of the animal.

  • Do not hesitate to seek advice from a specialist if you want to know the type and quantity of food to give to your pet. Try to pace the speed in which your dog eats its food. Something like the best automatic dog feeder can regulate how fast your dog eats.

Did you Know?

Dogs have different dietary needs depending on the different phases of life. In fact, a puppy does not have the same needs as an adult dog or a senior dog. So now for buying dog products the options are perfect for you. It is essential to feed your dog according to his specific needs. Talk to your veterinarian or refer to a dog information website.