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Fawn French Bulldog

Fawn French Bulldog

I have always been fascinated by big dogs. They are the origin and object of my passion for loving dogs.

Among these, the light version of the Roman molossus above all has inspired and inspires my imagination. In ’86, when I discovered that there had been a group of fans for several years who had been involved in the difficult recovery of this breed, I dedicated myself ipso-facto to the study and documentation of this magnificent Italian dog, falling hopelessly enough in love to inspire me, after experience with Rottweilers and giant Schnauzers, to undertake – around the mid ‘90s – to raise them.

At the beginning of my internship – during those early ‘90s – I visited the known breeders then in fashion one by one and, having since then become fascinated, to this day I remain emotionally attached when faced with that strong bone structure, the large gait, by the types and expressions of those belonging to the Dyrium bloodline.

Even if today, finally, other bloodlines have these morphological characteristics, the percentage of Dyrium blood in the dogs bred by me is always and however a predominant feature. My primary objective in breeding is to create healthy, functional dogs without getting too far from this type. Most of the dogs in my kennel will number among the many pedigreed champions of this breed, and some of those bred by me or evaluated as Promising Young ENCI, Multichampion Dalì, the Israelian Champion Doryan, Champion Dam Brenda, Champion sire Diryo, Champion Dam Rebecca, swede Champion Toscano and the Young World Champion, Argentine, Uruguayan, Latin American and Caribbean Championess Jaime.

I maintain that it is important to select with undertaking and passion, thinking carefully about mating, monitoring the sires and dams for the most ordinary genetic breed pathologies, and constant updating on the evolution of the same in the attempt leave an imprint, always within the standard terms, on the true bloodline, notwithstanding the trends and fashions which differentiate it from the commercial demand for puppies.

CC are animals whose background goes back to ancient psyches; centuries, millennia, living with man, used as auxiliary and loyal companion, incorruptible in many functions.

The CC is a reflexive and balanced dog who naturally discerns situations of real danger from those simulated. The serious breeder’s job consists of not just attending beauty shows but to preserve and consolidate these natural gifts which are unique in the canine world.

Whoever has had the luck to own one knows that a mastiff is for life; falling in love is instant and fatal. Who instead is looking for a slightly aggressive dog would do better to ask himself about his psychological gaps or at least to turn his attention to another breed (sigh!).

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