Know your Pet: A Comprehensive Guide to Feeding

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Cane Corso Dog Breed

Do you need advice on the dog’s diet? Want to know more about croquettes? Need advice on choosing a brand? Rest assured: you are in the right place! At Mouss Le Chien, you have access to many tips on dog food and dog food.

Follow the adventures of Moustique, an adorable Labrador who gives you all his tips to feed a dog properly and offer him the kibble he deserves!

Dog biscuit: What are the Most Suitable Kibbles for your Dog?

You are interested in feeding your dog and it is a very good thing! Dog kibble is an excellent way to feed a dog because it is consistent and provides your dog with what he needs to be in perfect health. But beware! All Cane Corso Dog Breed kibbles are not equal, far from it! How to find the ideal kibble for a dog? Mouss Le Chien can help you find the answer!

This situation can be harmful if, by wanting to create a moment of complicity with his animal by the food, one begins to exaggerate with the amount of sweets/croquettes that one gives. Therefore, we strengthen the complicity but it is likely to harm the health of his companion because exceeding the recommended daily amounts can lead in the first place overweight and subsequently obesity which will lose control.

The Role of Food

The roles of the diet are diverse. In the first place, food is used to support the animal throughout the various stages of life, it supports its growth when it is puppy or kitten, it supports its metabolism throughout its life and slows down the growth and aging process once it is in its senior phase.

Then, the food, as we said above, reinforces the bond of trust between the owner and his animal.

Finally, the diet can also play a role in the education of the animal. In fact, when the animal learns, obeys a new request, rewarding it with a croquette, a treat, can stimulate its learning and the pleasure it has to learn. The food is part of the positive reinforcement, as well as the caresses and words that can be exchanged with the animal to stimulate learning.

In order to feed your pet properly, here are some helpful tips.

  • In addition to providing a complete diet, balanced and adapted to the needs of his animal (metabolic needs, depending on his activity, his size, his sexual status, etc.), it is essential to scrupulously respect the daily quantities. Daily amounts are indicated on the back of the bags. It is advisable to weigh the food and not to rely on the measuring cup to be certain of the quantities given. You can also weigh the food a first time and draw a line on the cup for the following times.

  • You can give your dog treats for a variety of reasons, but keep it reasonable and include the portion of treats in the recommended daily amounts so that it does not cause the dog to take abnormal weight due to excessive daily energy density.

  • It is important to remember that overweight and obesity have a negative impact on the health, quality and life expectancy of animals. Overweight increases cardiovascular risk, overloads joint work, can cause diabetes and other diseases that reduce the hope but also the quality of life of the animal.

  • Do not hesitate to seek advice from a specialist if you want to know the type and quantity of food to give to your pet. Try to pace the speed in which your dog eats its food. Something like the best automatic dog feeder can regulate how fast your dog eats.

Did you Know?

Dogs have different dietary needs depending on the different phases of life. In fact, a puppy does not have the same needs as an adult dog or a senior dog. So now for buying dog products the options are perfect for you. It is essential to feed your dog according to his specific needs. Talk to your veterinarian or refer to a dog information website.

Different Breeds: A Guide to Understanding Dogs

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Cane Corso Dog Breed

Dogs are naturally scavengers. This helps to understand why your dog regularly tries to eat anything and everything. However, such behavior can result in too much calories in relation to the daily needs of your dog. Here are some tips to help you control your daily intake:

  • Try to vary its diet with croquettes and moist food. Wet food contains a quarter of the calories of kibble and can therefore be given in larger quantities for the same nutritional benefits.

  • Anti-wolverine bowls help slow your dog’s eating, while being a fun way to stimulate it. You can even create your own anti-wolverine lunch box at home by placing its kibbles, for example, in an empty egg box, with or without the lid. Watch him get his food!

  • Try to avoid snacking too often, especially table scraps, outside of your meals. Calories can quickly climb outside the recommended daily amounts.

  • Learning with a clicker is a good alternative to reward your dog when you teach him tricks. If you want to learn this method, watch our video.

Difficult Dogs

It can be difficult to manage a difficult Cane Corso Dog Breed at meal times. The good news is that we have some tips that could help you.

  • Try to avoid snacking too often, especially table scraps, throughout the day as this could have a negative effect on his appetite at mealtime.

  • Try to put only small amounts in the bowl of your dog and this 3 times a day, rather than a big meal in the day.

  • Try giving him his food for the first time and leave it for 10 minutes. Remove it and try giving it 30 minutes later.

  • As dogs have a very developed sense of smell, try adding warm water to your food to release an appetizing aroma.

  • Dogs respond positively to the encouragement, so do not praise when eating a little!

  • Try to get your dog to do a little more exercise—it could open up his appetite!

When it comes to buying dog food, you read and really find anything and everything.

There are so many brands, and so many “recipes” croquettes that it is not abnormal to be a little lost in front of all this choice, and not to know what would be best for our dog! Now, his health is at stake! And it is therefore crucial to take the time to select the best food.

The purpose of this article is to enlighten you on the good choices to make. There are good and bad croquettes. And by the end of your reading, you will know how to choose and buy the good kibble for your dog, it is promised.

In summary

The Story of Dog Kibble

Before the commercial food surfaced, the dogs were fed mostly table scraps.

It was in 1860 that Mr. James Spratt of Cincinnati, Ohio, created the first dog food in the form of biscuits. A few years later, Spratt became the world’s leading manufacturer, distributor and exporter of dog biscuits. He establishes his business in London.

But the first brand to present a new form of croquettes was Purina, in 1950. Until that time, the croquettes are presented in the form of pellet or biscuit.

It was from the 70s/80s that many families gave mainly kibble to their dog. It was also in those years that dog owners began to wonder about the ingredients in the kibble, notably with respect to added chemicals as preservatives. So now for buying dog products the options are perfect for you. The pressure was such that manufacturers were forced to remove them and replace them with vitamins E and C. Today, legislation requires manufacturers to list the ingredients contained in the bags of kibble.

Food Values that your Pet Food Must Contain

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Cane Corso Dog Breed

Maybe we have to start with another question. How to choose the right diet?

Croquettes with or without cereals, cheap or holistic food expensive, raw meat diet with or without supplement, household ration—difficult to make a choice when you are not an expert will you say! And even the experts cannot find consensus: veterinarians, agronomists, food consultants in specialty shops, everyone has a different opinion and everyone has good arguments. So, let’s try to dissect all that and being objective, even if I am human and I also have my cognitive biases!

Your Dog’s Diet = the Basis of Good Health

One thing that the world is beginning to be aware of and that all dog professionals are all about is that good nutrition is the key to good health (as in humans). Yes it is worthwhile to look into the question, but how to know what is a good diet?

The goal here is not a kibble debate versus a raw meat diet. We will only focus on kibble and only on Cane Corso Dog Breed!

Is the Dog Carnivorous or Omnivorous?

The dog, Canis lupus familiaris, is part of the mammalian family, and of the order of carnivores.

The shape of its jaw, the prominent canines, the absence of flat molars, the length of its intestine (very short: about 2 meters), the musculature of the cheeks, neck and mouth are characteristic of carnivores. Saliva, free from amylase (essential for the digestion of starches) or cellulase (which allows the digestion of plant cellulose), is not that of herbivores or even omnivores.

However, the pancreas can still make amylase, allowing it to digest more or less starches, and fruits and vegetables once crushed can be digested and assimilated.

But can we say that the dog is carnivorous with omnivorous tendency, or opportunistic carnivore? One thing is certain! A dog is not a chicken and carbohydrates or starches should not be the main ingredients of his diet even if he is able to digest them (partly and making his pancreas work hard, and yet, the majority of croquettes are stuffed!

Dog Food with or without Cereals?

As you will have understood since the dog is carnivorous (or opportunistic carnivore), its diet should consist mainly of meat or meat products (meat, bones, offal) and the least possible carbohydrates.

Fashion is molded “without cereals” or “without grain”, but do not be fooled by the label: cereals are necessarily replaced by legumes, sweet potatoes or potatoes. What, themselves, contain starch, and a glycemic index higher or lower!

What you need to Look for to Choose the Mold of your Dog:

The quality of these ingredients in terms of digestibility, nutritional intake and glycemic intake must also be taken into account. Is not it better to have oats than potatoes?

We like: The sweet potato for its low glycemic index and its satiating side.

Avoid (like the plague): corn, wheat, soybeans and potatoes.

The amount of ingredients is important too: Choose croquettes with the most meat possible, even if there are cereals rather than a recipe without cereals, but with a majority of potatoes and legumes and very little meat.

The AAFCO standards do not require it, but the majority of brands indicate the ingredients in order of quantity. If your feed begins with corn flour or wheat gluten, save yourself running!

Pay attention to the separation of ingredients which allows placing the meat in first position!

An example of what could be read on a bag of dog food: 25% chicken, 15% corn flour, 14% corn gluten, 9% wheat gluten, 8% rice, etc.

We have the chicken first ingredient, we say, “Good meat is in greater quantity so it’s a good kibble! “Nay! Count the cereals: 29% of corn products (so finally the first ingredient) and the rest … More cereals! Here I put the percentages, but in Canada they are not indicated (in Europe yes as well as in some other countries).

Commercial meal: Meat, Meat Meal and By-products?

  1. Choose meat (muscles) rather than by-products (what remains once the meat is extracted: bones, offal, tendons).

  2. Regarding the meat or meat meal debate, the line is less clear cut: the fresh meat contains 70 to 80% of water so once cooked it loses 2/3 of its weight and can be a first ingredient in the second or third after cooking unlike the meat meal. However it is more cooked and processed and may have lost nutrients.

You will find all the definitions concerning meat, flours, poultry, by-products on the AAFCO website.

Guaranteed Analysis of Kibble for Dogs

What does a dog need to be healthy? Water, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals but no carbohydrates! So now for buying dog products the options are perfect for you. We are therefore looking for a good percentage of proteins and fats, which are the main source of energy for our mutts.

Useful Tips to Keep your Pet Healthy

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Cane Corso Dog Breed

In the wild, the dog feeds almost exclusively on whole animals, most of which are already dead. Its digestive system includes two essential characteristics:

It must feed primarily on animal products (the whole animal, not just the meat);

Its saliva does not contain amylase, essential for metabolizing grains and starch. So you should not give Cane Corso Dog Breed grains (corn, rice, oats, barley, wheat, etc.) that are useless for his diet.

Here are some quick basics on selecting a dog food:

The Mentions on the Bag

Mentioning the word “lamb” on the bag does not mean that this food is made from lamb, but only that it contains (no matter how small);

The word “holistic” does not necessarily mean that food really is, since this appointment is not legislated in Canada;

The term “70% animal protein” does not mean that the bag contains 70% protein (which is impossible) but that 70% of the proteins in the guaranteed analysis are of animal origin. So if the protein level is 29%, 70% of 29% = 20.3%. Less interesting now no?

The Myth of the First Ingredient

Are you one of those who think that your pet’s food is made from the first ingredient? Are you sure? The amount of the first ingredient must be greater than the 2nd ingredient (not the rest of the bag), and the 2nd must be more important than the 3rd ingredient and so on. If there are 40 ingredients in the bag, the 1st ingredient only needs to constitute 2.5% of the bag to be in first place. Think about it.

The List of Ingredients

Do you usually read the list of food ingredients that you give to your dog? Knowing it’s the only food he gets, maybe you should take a few moments to do it the next time you buy his only source of livelihood.

Tips and Explanations

The majority of dog owners chooses to feed their pets, especially for their convenience and economy – but is it really cheaper than making your dog’s own meals? A choice can be made between dry foods (croquettes) and wet foods, although it is also possible to combine them.

By taking stock of the advantages and disadvantages of these 3 types of food, everyone can find his account according to his budget and time to devote to the preparation of rations.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wet Food

Wet food comes in many forms (canned foods, bags, trays) that have practical aspects of dosing and preservation. It can be more or less chopped, enriched with jelly (mash) or form pellets that the dog may swallow if it is greedy. Thus, it does not promote chewing and is not an asset for oral hygiene.

However, this type of food is interesting because it offers the dog varied tastes, and its texture and smell are very palatable. The mash is therefore recommended for dogs with a difficult appetite and old dogs, because it is easier to swallow. So now for buying dog products the options are perfect for you. It is a food rich in water, which makes it possible to limit the urinary problems and to bring a better hydration than the croquettes.

Tips to Prepare Homemade Food for your Dog

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Cane Corso Dog Breed

This option consists in associating the croquettes with another type of food, generally with a home food: cooked or raw meat, small vegetables, rice, etc. The idea of ​​mixed feeding is to compose the ration based on 50% of dry food and 50% of another food, either in one go, or in two separate meals during the day. The advantage of this solution is that it provides a balanced diet while being more appetizing than croquettes alone. It is possible to slightly vary the components of the meal, alternating different meats, cereals and vegetables.

The mixture of mash and croquettes allows to combine the benefits of each type of food and to increase the water intake thanks to the wet food. And besides, the Cane Corso Dog Breed loves it because it gives much more delicious meals! Another positive point is that the animal does not completely get rid of kibble, and if you do not always have time to make elaborate meals, you can still give it. If he sulks, simply add a drizzle of fish oil or vegetable oil (rapeseed, sunflower), yeast or an egg yolk. If you opt for products the preparation time will have the advantage of being reduced.

Preparing Homemade Meals for your Dog

The household ration convinces more and more masters concerned with the nutrition of their dog. This type of diet based on fresh ingredients is excellent if it is prepared in a balanced way. However, embarking on the “homemade” for his dog does not improvise and this does not mean in any case give him the rest of our meals! The household ration must be prepared specifically for your dog and meet several requirements, to cover his nutritional needs with carefully selected ingredients.

The cost of such a diet is of course significantly higher than a conventional food based on croquettes and/or boxes. However, solutions exist to recover good quality food at lower prices, such as butcher’s unsold products, and some ingredients can be purchased wholesale and frozen, including vegetables (zucchini, carrots, peas …) to be kept long without loss.

The starchy foods most commonly used for household rations are rice, pasta and semolina, which are also economically bought in large quantities. They must be well cooked and not complete to be digestible. There is also commercial puffed rice for dogs that rehydrate with a little warm water.

What Ingredients are Required for a Balanced Diet?

We often hear about simplified recipes based on 1/3 cooked or raw meat, 1/3 of vegetables and 1/3 of starchy foods. However, current knowledge in canine nutrition has shown that this calculation lacked precision and that it deserves to be adapted to each animal according to its size, its age, its degree of physical activity.

The best reflex remains to ask your veterinarian, who will tell you the right proportions. The household ration must also contain vegetable oil for the intake of fatty acids and a supplement of minerals and vitamins. Finally, it is crucial to learn exactly about toxic foods for dogs! So now for buying dog products the options are perfect for you.